Ottawa Impact Education PAC

Tommy Van Hill received an endorsement for school board in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Charlie Tyke

Creator of Little Tike Toys; Chairman 2/90 Sign Systems

“It is my honor to recommend and endorse Thomas Van Hill for the Grand Haven Schoolboard. I know Tom will work hard to create a fair and competitive learning environment for the children of our community. Tom is a good family man and has two lovely little girls which provide him with ‘skin the game’ to make sure the job is done right.”

Mike Benedict

Former Co-President, CEO 2/90 Sign Systems

“It is my pleasure to recommend and endorse Tom Van Hill for the Grand Haven Schoolboard. He is a dedicated, hard-working individual with great common sense. He is a strong family man that cares about others and remains firm in his beliefs. He will be an asset to the board.”

Kate Hoffmeyer

GHAPS voter with three children attending GHAPS

“I am supporting Tommy for GHAPS School Board. He is very knowledgeable about the district and has been a very involved and concerned parent. He is from Grand Haven and has also lived and worked outside the city. He is both a smart entrepreneur and a caring family man and father with young kids. He would be a great team member on the Board and would work very well with other Board members. He is someone that would take the time to ask the questions about the budget and the curriculum to ensure the Board is making the right decisions for the district, which I feel has been lacking for the past decade or more. He is led by a strong moral compass and is someone I trust whole-heartedly to guide GHAPS to provide the strong education and community for all children that we all are striving for.”

Tony Dombrowski

President/CEO, Transfer Tool Products

“It is a pleasure to endorse and recommend Tommy Van Hill for the position on the Grand Haven School Board.

Tommy is a passionate and hardworking individual that has earned the respect of his peers and leadership through perseverance and determination. Tommy always conducts himself professionally and has the utmost respect for whomever he is dealing with. Tommy Van Hill would be a true asset to the Grand Haven School Board as he is for our local manufacturing here in Grand Haven.

I do believe Tommy Van Hill’s family-oriented approach to things can only help in providing direction for our community here in Grand Haven.”

Myrl Draggoo

Operations Manager, Transfer Tool Products

“I am writing this endorsement for Tom Van Hill for the Grand Haven School Board because he displays the following qualities that would qualify him as one that I would entrust to help set the direction of a school that I would be willing to enroll my children in:

  • Dedication to a project
  • Follow through on his word to the best of his ability
  • Integrity in the workplace
  • Encourages and builds up new employees and trainees.
  • He sets a great example for work ethic.
  • He does not force his ideals on others and is open for discussion prior to decision making.

It is my opinion that Tom Van Hill will be a leader for years to come. I am confident he would contribute to the school board in many ways as he has here at Transfer Tool Products.”

Julie Norkoli

Restore Ottawa

“Tommy Van Hill is a great listener and follower of Jesus who thinks before responding. He is a graduate of Grand Haven Area Public Schools and now has young children. He has been regularly attending and speaking at school board meetings, and wants to ensure GHAPS is providing a quality education using age-appropriate materials.”